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Common privet


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Whilst we are listing this bonsai as Common privet, Ligustrum ovalifolium,  and we are pretty sure it is a member of the privet family, we are not 100% sure of the species. This is because the tree exhibits a character full bark that we have not previously seen in privets, of course, it may just be that it is a really old plant.  We are not sure either if it is an imported bonsai or something developed in this country from collected material. Either way it is a very interesting bonsai showing aged character. The three trunks emerging as they do from those exposed and sinuous roots is very suggestive of Chinese bonsai. Certainly the branch structure needs to be grown on and imporved upon to do justice to that base. In the UK privets always seem to grow very well, easily as well as rapidly so that should not be too long term a project and at the same time very rewarding. We are very taken with this bonsai and it's somewhat unusual image. Hard to know where to measure the trunk at but it is about 10cm. across above the most spreading part of the exposed roots. Height is 36cm. overall with a spread of 44cm.  The nice Chinese unglazed ceramic container is a sort of lotus pot 33x11cm.  A very interesting and unusual additon to a bonsai collection whatever it's origins are.

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