I think that we were all feeling the heat as we gathered at Willowbog Bonsai on Saturday for the June monthly workshop.


Seven participants plus myself, Scott, Len and Billy endured the rapid build up of temperature in our plastic roofed workshop building, as it became more uncomfortable we were forced to curtail the normally extensive introductory discussion to a mere hour and a half !


Still worth spending this initial period talking about the tree though, some pertinent seasonal topics came up including defoliation of deciduous species, when to and when not to, as well as routine mid season pruning amongst other items.


Regulars Penny and Gary quickly decamped to al fresco bonsai activity.


Penny’s yew was really only there for discussion purposes, the autumn being a much better time to really apply shaping decisions and techniques to this interesting bit of yamadori. Len looks at one of her other trees in this picture. At the far end of the table, Norma, brought along her first two bonsai for a little attention.


Mr. Gilbert looks very relaxed in this photo.


The new greenhouse conditions proved cool enough with the doors open for Terry, in the front here, and newcomer Mark behind, to work away all day. Mid season routine pruning on Terry’s beech.


Mark and I talk about some issues relating to the larch on the table which had suffered some sort of damage earlier in the year, probably from frost.


Ever present Gary getting the wire off his yew before the tree begins to grow around it and leave scars.


Also taking wire off, this time on a Lawson cypress, was regular Colin.


Although usually considered an unpromising species, this example is slowly coming along.


Time for a bit of serious bending on the apex of Penny’s Southern beech which I like very much and that is developing very nicely.


Looks like the effort quite exhausted me !!


But it was pretty warm out there.


The final work of the day was the analysis of Terry’s newly acquired, tall European beech, a change of inclination being considered here.


We actually carried out some pretty dramatic branch removal on the tree but hopefully with the eye on a better long term future for this bonsai. All credit to Terry for going along with this. It will be interesting for me to develop this beech, with Terry,  over the next few years.

So another excellent and rewarding day, certainly for me and hopefully also for the participants, thanks as always to Len and Scott for their valuable assistance on the day. Billy, you make a grand cup of coffee !


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