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We welcome you to Willowbog Bonsai - set in one of the most picturesque parts of the Northumberland National Park in the North East of England, close to the famous Kielder forest, you simply could not ask for a more scenic or inspirational setting. The picturesque and peaceful setting for Willowbog is conducive for the relaxed and stress-free pursuit of the art of Bonsai.
Willowbog Bonsai has been open since 1995 and we have made significant progress in our objective of a Bonsai centre of excellence for the Northern region. We hope to go on supplying better material to enthusiasts all over Europe to help provide the opportunity to get the most from this fascinating art. Fundamental in our attempts to increase the interest in the art, has been our 'Bonsai Chat' sessions. This is an open invitation to any Bonsai enthusiast, no matter what their level, to come along and use the studio facility on the first Saturday of every month. Whether you wish to stay all day and work on your trees or just pop-in for an hour - you are most welcome.
Many thanks to one of our regular contributors, affectionately known as Bonsai Eejit, for the video made about Willowbog Bonsai - we strongly recommend you read his blog, as well as our own blog, of course.

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We hope you enjoy looking through our website and invite you to visit Willowbog to experience the unique nature of our Bonsai centre. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like any further information.

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